Exam 1

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At this point, you've learned enough basic Rihan to be able to read and write simple sentences. Now it's time to test your skills. Please complete the following exercises. Many of the words have been used in previous lessons, so you should be familiar with them, though you may always refer back to the lessons if you need help, or you can use the dictionary search to help you remember words you may have forgotten. When using the search function, you'll need to enter the root of the verb or noun. If you aren't sure what the root is, just enter the first part of the word. There are also many new words, and a vocabulary list is included.

You'll need to have JavaScript enabled to correctly take this exam or else you'll be able to see all the answers before you attempt to translate the sentences yourself.

Good Luck!

Translate the following sentences into English:

bhudt n. boy
bontwe v. give
dæftan n. girl
færre n. hit
hannam n. message
hfæi v. send
hyaa-aifv n. disruptor
kheh'irho n. ale
lagga n. flower
ovhshau v. write
phralæ v. talk
tharon v. sit
Thæsha n. Vulcan
yyhle v. play
  1. Arhem urrin. Click for answer.
    I went. Hide answer.
  2. Phralæ rii. Click for answer.
    She talks. Hide answer.
  3. Leih tharonukhe. Click for answer.
    The commanding officer didn't sit. Hide answer.
  4. Nveniake Helev. Click for answer.
    Helev doesn't sleep. Hide answer.
  5. Nviahr færre dræs. Click for answer.
    The woman hits the man. Hide answer.
  6. Ovhshaun-difv hannam diivha hwi? Click for answer.
    Did you write him a message? Hide answer.
  7. Tharonn-difv veothir? Click for answer.
    Did the children sit? Hide answer.
  8. Tharon-difv veothir? Click for answer.
    Do the children sit? Hide answer.
  9. Hwiiy Thæsha, ie? Click for answer.
    Are you Vulcan? Hide answer.
  10. Ahr'Rihanha bhudt. Click for answer.
    The boy is Romulan.Hide answer.
  11. Ahr'nviahrir sæhnein. Click for answer.
    The officers are women.Hide answer.
  12. Aihr'bhudt. Click for answer.
    This is a boy.Hide answer.
  13. Aihrir'dæftanir. Click for answer.
    These are girls.Hide answer.
  14. Dæftan u'bhudt yyhle. Click for answer.
    The girl and the boy play.Hide answer.
  15. Fvakiir kheh'irho Terrhaha. Click for answer.
    The Human doesn't like Romulan ale.Hide answer.
  16. Chohha Helev leih. Click for answer.
    The commanding officer doesn't like Helev.Hide answer.
  17. Drahhan leih rhanne. Click for answer.
    I liked the commanding officer.Hide answer.
  18. Lloann bontwen mnevher hyaa-aifvir. Click for answer.
    They gave us disruptors.Hide answer.
  19. Helev bontwe laggar Jisit'ri. Click for answer.
    Helev gives Jisit flowers.Hide answer.
  20. Arhem hfæiakhe hannamir hravher. Click for answer.
    I didn't send messages to (all of) you.Hide answer.

Translate the following sentences into Rihan using a Subject-Verb-Object order:

  1. He didn't go. Click for answer.
    Dii urriakhe. Hide answer.
  2. Helev went. Click for answer.
    Helev urrin. Hide answer.
  3. The boy gave the girl a flower. Click for answer.
    Bhudt bontwen dæftanevha lagga. Hide answer.
  4. Flowers don't talk. Click for answer.
    Laggan phralækhe. Hide answer.
  5. The man and the woman sit. Click for answer.
    Dræs u'nviahr tharon. Hide answer.

Translate the following sentences into Rihan using a Verb-Object-Subject order:

  1. Do you like Humans? Click for answer.
    Drahha-difv Terrhasu hwi? Hide answer.
  2. Vulcans don't eat flowers. Click for answer.
    Agollhukhe laggan Thæssu. Hide answer.
  3. The boy sleeps. Click for answer.
    Ehhaai bhudt. Hide answer.
  4. The girls didn't sleep. Click for answer.
    Ehhaaiakhe dæftanir. Hide answer.
  5. Romulans don't like Vulcans. Click for answer.
    Chohha Thæssu Rihannsu. Hide answer.
  6. The Romulan sent a message to the Human. Click for answer.
    Hfæin hannam Terrhah'ri Rihanha. Hide answer.
  7. The Romulans sent messages to the Humans. Click for answer.
    Hfæin hannamir Terrhasu'ri Rihannsu. Hide answer.
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