Prepositions and Postpositions

Rihan has both prepositions and postpositions. Prepositions go before the substantive phrase (the noun phrase) they modify, while postpositions follow it. Most of these stand alone, but a few affix themselves to the noun in the substantive phrase. The following is a list of the most common prepositions and postpositions and the cases they govern.

Key: (NA) Nominative-Accusative, (G) Genitive, (D) Dative

according to mh'hoær nnea (+G)
after (temporal) aihkh (+NA)
after (local) rheh (+G)
against nelle, thaihnhas (+D)
around hræfva (+D)
(to) around hræfva (+NA)
about sevihf (+D)
(to) about sevihf (+NA)
as far as ru (+NA)
at hrrau, h'rau (+D)
(to) at hrrau, h'rau (+NA)
away from uænn (+G)
because of kivoi (+G)
before hra'nuar (+D)
(to) before hra'nuar (+NA)
below ihfvi (+D)
(to) below ihfvi (+NA)
between æthl (+D)
(to) between æthl (+NA)
by mh'- (+G, prefixed)
down iut'fehill (+NA)
during fv'r'astev (+G)
far from irha (+G)
for (for someone, e.g.) ssiun (+D)
for (to, towards) ssiun (+NA)
for (time for a change, e.g.) vr'- (+D, prefixed)
from mh'- (+G, prefixed)
in front (of) hra'nuar (+D)
(to) in front (of) hra'nuar (+NA)
in hrrau, h'rau (+D)
inside hrrafv (+D)
(to) inside hrrafv (+NA)
instead of hrrauta (+G)
into hrao, hrrafv (+NA)
lead by, under command of hir'- (+G, prefixed)
near ædt (+D)
(to) near ædt (+NA)
next to hhæh-ahi (+D)
(to) next to hhæh-ahi (+NA);
of (eg. made of) nnea (+G)
on hrrau, h'rau (+D)
onto hrrau, h'rau (+NA)
out nnu (+NA)
out of mhirrafv (+G)
outside mhirrafv (+D)
(to) outside mhirrafv (+NA)
over fvi (+D)
(to) over fvi (+NA)
past siur (+G)
regarding haje (+G)
to i (+NA)
to (until, as far as) ru (+NA)
to, towards ssiun (+NA)
to (receiving the action) ih (+D)
under ihfvi (+D)
(to) under ihfvi (+NA)
until (a place) ru (+NA)
with sa'- (+G, prefixed)
without lli (+G)
atop, on top, upon (D+) mibh
(to) atop/on top/upon (NA+) mibh
from (G+, suffixed) -hel, -el
in (temporal, e.g. in 5 hours) (NA+) dha
through (NA+) hsah
until, up to (a time) (G+) iut

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