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Noun rules
  • Come in first, second, and third person forms.
  • Both singular and plural exist for each of the three forms.
  • Also exist in two levels of formality with three formal modes.
  • Third person pronouns come with three gender forms.
  • Have three cases as normal nouns.
  • When refering to a mixed gender group, third person neutral plural pronouns are used.
Singular Pronouns: Common
I You He She It
Normal arhem hwi dii rii æi
Possessive arham hwai diam riam æim
Dative arvha hwavha diivha riivha æivha
I You
Normal rhanne hwio
Possessive rhanam hwaoi
Dative rhanvha hwaovha
Superior to inferior
I You
Normal rhhæ khia
Possessive rhham khæi
Dative rhhævha khavha
Inferior to superior
I You
Normal reh nnearh
Possessive rham nnerhai
Dative revvha nnearvha
Plural Pronouns
I You He She It
Normal mnean hrian diin riin lloann
Possessive mnei hræn diien riien lloannen
Dative mnevher hravher diivher riivher lloannvher